Change width of cells - RG within RG

Within each row of RG-1, I have another RG (RG-2).

RG-2 is set up as no fixed number of rows or columns. The images in each RG-2 are different sizes but they are all being forced to be the same width. I’d like to have each Image expand to it’s correct size (e.g Image A a little wider, Image B a lot wider and Image C to stay the same).

Is there a way to do that while keeping the images left aligned?

If I change the RG2 setting to fixed number of columns = 1it fixes the size issue but the images don’t left align.

What does RG2 do? Is image A, B, and C one single image? They look like tiles but also look like one single image.

Images A,B and C are single images (look like tiles I know).

RG-2 lists out all images associated with the cell of RG-1. For example Image A is the only image associated with the top cell of RG-1, hence only one shown, but it could have multiple listed.

Maybe the path forward is a Masonry Grid?

And you want the height fixed? Or A, B, and C are just coincidentally same height?

In a perfect world neither height nor width would be fixed.

However I can get away with height being fixed. In this example it’s just coincidence A, B &C have the same height.

I have tested various settings but couldn’t find a solution. Good luck :slight_smile: Let’s see if another person can help.

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