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Change Workflow Of Each Button Inside Repeating Group?


I have a issue I have been trying to tackle for a hot minute now,

I want my user to be able to create a new item which once created will then displayed be as new button (item) inside the repeating group.

Everytime an item is added by the user - the workflow of the new button when clicked should change to display a different pop up element than the others.

Why does this matter?

By creating a new pop up element for each button - the user can make changes inside that pop up element and they will be saved to a new DB.

When the button is clicked again/viewed by them, they will see only inputs (in my case “activities”) within that item (the item in this case would be a day i.e, “Day 1”, “Day 2”).

Everything I have tried so far brings me to a weird dead end. Maybe there is another way to achieve this output?

Thanks for any help you might be able to provide!


It wants to allow users to freely add items (not like shopping on Amazon, which is originally prepared, but created from scratch by the user) and edit their content on popup. Is that the correct interpretation?

Please mention to reply.

Along these lines -

To build on your Amazon analogy ,

It would be the equivalent of allowing the users to create multiple baskets (in this case new items) and add goods (in my case activities or content) specific to each basket.

The user is creating new “baskets” in our case “items” inside the RG

I see.

How about this workflow for Add item?

workflow1 create a new item
workflow2 show popup
workflow3 display data result1 to popup

I can’t say for sure without experimenting.

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