Changes to how we charge for applications going forward

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Will it be possible to extend the number of database items with the $10/month add on? Seems like that will solve everyone’s issues with this new pricing. I would gladly pay in $10 increments to add more items, but as it stands it’s not going to make economic sense for me to jump from Personal to Production.

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and exactly what kinds of apps can be built and monetized by all those new customers Bubble will need?

Seems like they are sticking to this new price change no matter the clear negative feedback from the bubble community. It takes a good leader to make the necessary changes to succeed, but it takes an even bigger one to know when you’ve made a mistake and fix it.

Bubble’s biggest advantage is their all-in-one solution to build web apps, including the ability to design the database with performance in mind without “things” limits. By eliminating your core advantage, you will become another tool in the pool of options. Your competitors are already poaching your core community.

I absolutely love Bubble. I’ve spent thousands of hours building, I’ve been telling everyone I know Bubble is THE tool to build apps, spreading the word in the community. But now, I cannot genuinely do that knowing small businesses and first-time entrepreneurs won’t be able to afford an app with a solid database. Can’t help but to feel like I wasted time trusting Bubble. You are killing the entire eco-system. Hope you and the team reconsider this before it is too late.

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So as many people suggested in the forum an external DB could be a workaround for a low limit on DB things. It still doesn’t change the fact that it is a very low limit for each plan considering there wasn’t a limit before.

What could be the workaround for a low limit on monthly unique daily visitors?
What will happen to apps with low databases but high visitors (Similar to linktree, blogs, e commerce, etc…)?

@petter any suggestions on these regard?

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+1 on this

How do database rows cost Bubble anything significant? Server capacity is definitely the cost driver here, otherwise they wouldn’t have tied the previous model to it.

Yes I believe so - but based on some calculations other posters have provided, this could work out very very expensive and leave you quite paranoid about rolling out new features or gaining new users. I guess it depends on a case by case basis of the app, but its not really ideal to say the least I’m afraid.

Oh my, I feel you, but give it time - and share how you feel for sure - but It’s only been hours :rofl:


It is for files (images, pdf, etc)

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I think you’re correct here. Overage is charged at $20 per month for every 5k records.

At least based on @emmanuel screen shot.

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Normally I don’t respond much to the forum, but this one begs a response to show my displeasure with this change. I’ve been building on Bubble since 2016-ish and have built ONE live application that I built for a friend who started a business. The application has one user and I charge $0 per month for the application, so I am making nothing. The app was built and deployed with no data restriction in mind, so now has over 59,000 things in the database. At that calculation - I would have to pay $320 per month. This is a 1900% increase in my cost with a 0% increase in my revenue. Obviously, it is a no brainer that I have to shut the app down and tell a small business that uses this app daily that they can either take the app for $320 per month or we’ll have to move them to something else (for which there is no real good replacement at the moment).

To me the biggest thing to swallow is that I was allowed to build the application, deploy it to live with no restrictions on things in the database. Now 2 years later, I am told that I need to rethink my app (probably redesigning and restructuring it from the ground up) or pay a 1900% increase in my monthly cost.

I akin this to building a house and being told there are no restrictions on the number of rooms that I can build in my dream house. I design and develop the perfect plan for my house and then construction begins. When the house is completed, I am told by the builder that they have changed their mind and now I need to pay for the number of rooms in my house. It feels as if the rules to the game changed in the middle without any consideration for what it would do to the end-user.

A potential solution that I could at least swallow a little bit is to leave all apps deployed to live as of a specific date on the old plan with an unlimited number of things in the database (even with a small monthly increase, if needed). Then any deployed app after a certain date will have the restriction on the number of things in the database. This way, I could build all future apps with this in mind, but not have to go back and rebuild my old live apps that were built with a different pricing structure in mind. This would at least help those of us with live apps who built the apps under a different pricing structure.

At the moment, I am going to keep thinking positive, but won’t be rebuilding my live app and will just decommission it when the pricing actually becomes effective as I don’t have time to redevelop and am certainly not going to be 1900% more.


An optimal way to make our users and agencies (mainly) seek other no-code platforms such as AppGyver that allows us to connect and host wherever we want. After developing more than 30 projects for clients I am starting to consider launching or bubble!!!


I don’t think the cost of overage has been stated yet?

That’s what it SEEMS will be “flexible” or “TBD”, but the uncertainty is really hurting right now.

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Péssima precificação. Estão quebrando 90% dos seus clientes. Hoje tenho 300 clientes que acessão meu sistema todos os dias. Tenho 130 mil item no banco de dados.
Só com esses clientes acessando todos os dias, já bato o limite do plano personal.

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They don’t. That’s not the point of usage-based pricing. The point is to align value with cost so it’s best for all.

(Not saying this is the best for all, simply that usage-based pricing is NOT ‘cost plus’ pricing, i.e. our business cost plus markup = the price of our products.)

The new pricing models make sense in my opinion - using different metrics that are more comprehensive and similar to other industry standards is a good idea.

However, I can only agree that the pricing plans themself are unfair in your proposed version.
If we keep comparing Bubble to the industry standards (Backendless, Xano), 500 entries for the free plan is extremely low.
We recently started using Xano as a backend for all our apps and the 10 000 DB limitation already feels painful, so I can’t imagine what it would be like with 500 entries.

We develop apps for clients and provide teaching services and I’ve seen many apps where the new plans will not be sustainable anymore.

These new plans will prevent people from doing simple features by fear of reaching the database limits (it will be difficult to use charts anymore as they work with a lot of data, no internal log system possible anymore- which a surprising amount of people use, all the chat and messaging features in any app will nearly become impossible, …)

Also, on the production plan, I would definitely expect an unlimited number of database entries!

If I try, I can easily understand how hard it must be for Bubble to set pricing and define a measurement unit/metric, but I think this one might not be the way to go, this could also lead users to have all their database externalized and therefore increase complexity, development time, and potentially support tickets for Bubble.

Also, as we’re talking pricing, I think it would be nice to consider more advantageous pricing for non-profits. I’ve seen a lot of empowering and game-changing projects being made in developing countries and I wish it could be easier for them to create more opportunities using Bubble.

With love


So what is the advantage of bubble then?

a frontend builder to generate visual elements via JQuery 3? in 2022?


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This is very desapointing.
I have been promoting the bubble with my friends and applying it in my company. You grew up because you benefited from this promotion and now that you have the recognition you change the price plan with very low limits. This is not fair game. I had many ideas in mind for apps that would be successful businesses but with this new pricing plan I will have think about it.
I think I’m going to give up with bubble. :frowning_face_with_open_mouth: :pleading_face: