Changing 700k+ "things"

Hi All!

I have a datatype “Meldingen” with over 700k+ of rows. In each row I need to add a date field, and a yes/no field. So nothing dramaticly.

But, the bulk option in de App Data tab will only do 50000 entries.


What is the best way of trigger the other 650.000 enties? Just add a condition? Or is the best way to Schedule the workflow on a list, but will that work with 750k+ of entries?

What would be the best solution?

Edit: I’m on the starter plan + 2.5mil. WU

there are built in limits, you should schedule it on the maximum limit allowed and then do it again…some threads on how people set this up to run recursively I believe.

Yeah, so you can’t SAWOL on 700k items.

I’m sure all of your data is tied to a specific User or Company.

You can SAWOL on a list of User/Companies, and inside that workflow, SAWOL for that User/Company’s data. That’s a pretty efficient way of splitting it up effectively without using recursive workflows.