Changing a custom data type in workflow

Hi Guys,

I would like to use a button & workflows to remove the value of a custom field, so essentially set it to null.
For example. I have a ‘Equipment’ that is being used to produce a ‘Product’. I have datatype ‘Equipment’ & datatype ‘Product’ So datatype Equipment (Equipment A) has a field ProductId (Product A). This shows in the RG that ‘equipment A’ is producing ‘Product A’.
I would like to create a button which removes ‘Product A’ from 'Equipment 'data type at the end of production. I can then choose another ‘productID’ to fill the value from ‘Product’ datatype. So next product would be ‘Product B’ for example.

Is this possible? I have been testing for hours how to set a custom field to null or clear the value.



If the Equipment Data type can only have a single Product, then just run a workflow to make changes to the Equipment entry you want to change, select a field to change (i.e. the Product field) and leave the value empty. That will remove the existing product from the Equipment entry and leave it empty (null).

Or, you can just replace it with another Product (product B).

If the field is a list, then you can use the same workflow action to remove a specific Product from the Equipment’s list of products, by selecting the List field and using the Remove expression and selecting the specific Product to remove.

Thanks for your reply! For some reason in the repeater group, it would show 2 records and wouldnt remove the previous ProductID from the equipment.

Thank you for letting me know it was possible!

You’re a star!