Changing a data field after a period of time

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How do I make a data field so that after ‘x’ amount of time it will change values?

For example, I’d like to change the status of a order from ‘New’ to ’ Ongoing’. The status is automatically set as ‘New’ when the Thing is created, but I’d like the status to switch to ‘Ongoing’ 3 days afterwards.

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Schedule a backend workflow to run on the order 3 days after the order is created (do this in the same workflow you use to created the order in the first place).

In the backend workflow just run an action to make changes to the order, and set the status to ‘Ongoing’.

That makes sense.

However I’m unable to see my backend workflows when i click the ‘API workflows’ dropdown on the ‘Schedule API workflow’ step. When I click the dropdown it just says “edit Back Workflows”, but yeah I’ve created the Backend workflow/Trigger which basically just changes the status, as you said.

I’ve created the Backend workflow/Trigger

You can’t schedule a Trigger event from the browser (Trigger events will only run when there’s a change to the database).

To schedule a backend workflow it has to be an Endpoint, then you can schedule that to run from a browser workflow, so make sure your backend workflow is setup as an endpoint, then it should appear on the dropdown when scheduling a backend workflow.

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Thanks for the comprehensive explaination Adam! Much appreciated :grin:

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