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Changing a field to a key's value in backend workflow gives red text


So I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I guess I am trying to do something impossible but I don’t understand why.

So I have this Data type called ‘transaction’ that is also a field type in the Data type called ‘wager’.

‘Wager’ is also a field type for the Data type ‘transaction’

Then there is this backend workflow that takes a key with data type ‘Transaction’.

In this workflow I try to change a ‘Transaction’ type field to the value of the key in the data type ‘Wager’, using the ‘transaction’ key as follows: transaction’s Related Wager.

However, the text turns red indicating that it doesn’t accept it as a value. Now why is that?
As you can see “successful challenger transaction” is of type ‘Transaction’ and so is the ‘transaction’ key in the workflow. So what am I doing wrong?

Thanks A LOT for your help.


Yeah… This is odd…
If you hover your mouse cursor above the red line it should tells you the reason of the error. Could you try?

This what I see.

Hi there, @yannickdoteu… the question that comes to mind is the question that is asked in this thread.

Any chance you have (or even had at one point) two Transaction data types? Also, I can’t imagine this would matter at all, but I think one of the options in the dropdown should be This transaction. If you change the red text from transaction to This transaction, is it still red?


Thank you for your reply @mikeloc and linking to the post. I do not have the option for ‘this Transaction’.

I tried to do the same thing but using a custom event instead of an API workflow and oddly enough I get the same situation.