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Changing a Record based on a list [solved, I think?]

Hi All,

I built out a real quick sample app to show the problem I am having on a much grander and complex scale… I figured this way it would be easier to look at the underlying problem. Here is the sample app:

I am trying to figure out a workflow that will allow me to change a field in a data type based on a list containing that item. So using this super simple app as an example, if the Boat is no longer an available item, I am trying to change the status field of any created wishlist that contains the boat in it’s item list from “ok” to “bad”. Here is what I tried:

It gives me this error:

Any help would be appreciated!

I tried this:

It looks like it works, but the “thingsiwant contains” would seem like the whole list has to match, not just one part of it? Will continue testing.

That looks about right. “Contains” should work in the way you are intending.

This example works, but only because a repeating group was involved. I am still unable to use the contains feature to compare the contents of two lists of things.

Ah, ok so what are you expecting to happen ?

You want to mark any wishlist that has any item not available ?

Yes, that would involve the functionality I was looking for.

In other words, “Do a search for a list of things that contains any item included in another list of things” and then make changes to the lists that have an item in common

The workaround I came up with late last night that seems to work, using this simple app example, would be:

  1. create a new list field in the item which is a list of the wishlists the item appears in. Everytime a wishlist is created a worfklow adds that wishlist’s ID to the field.

  2. When an item is flagged as not available, then I can do a search of wishlists, using that field in the item as the key to search for.

Seems like there is always a way to do things in Bubble, just have to think through the logic sometimes.