Changing a reusable element just on one page

how do I customize/modify a reusable element within a specific page without changing the original reusable element?
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can’t listen to the video, could you describe what are you trying to change?

Hi there, @dmintz2… as soon as you want to change a reusable element on just one page, it is no longer a reusable element. So, if you edit the reusable element on the specific page and then right click on it, you will see a menu option to clone the reusable element. When you clone it, you will be able to use the new reusable element on the specific page instead of editing the original reusable element.

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Also there is another option to customise something in a reusable element depending on a page it is located:
Screenshot 2023-04-06 at 13.51.28

So if you would like, for example, to show/hide some elements inside the reusable element on a specific page - you can do it via “current page name” condition.

thank you!

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