Changing Alert Message Based on Duplicate

Trying to change the alert to “customer already exists” when the customer name is already in the database. I have been using the same string that I used to not create the new customer, but it shows the changed alert for every entry.
image is what I have to not create the entry, so I have been trying this with no luck.

Try count >=1 ? I cant remember why off the top of my head but I think that worked when I had a similar issue.

Just tried. That one made it not give any alert. I think I have tried every option at this point.

Okay I’m unsure what specifically the issue is, in the debugger, in step by step mode, look at the condition evaluation, that should specify why it is showing the alert, this should show you why it’s >0 ?

Just figured it out, I needed to create two different alerts, not just “change the message”; Feeling accomplished!

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