Changing "and" to "or" in a Condition - Now Need to Re-Enter Condition

Hey folks… I used to be able to have a complex condition such as

ShowForm = Yes and Search:count>0

Then copy and change the condition so that it reads

ShowForm = No or Search:count=0

and I could click on the “and” and change it to “or” without the search going away.

That has just changed, and now I have to re-enter the search… which is pretty tedious… especially as some of those conditions have many parts to them.

Not quite a bug, but a rather annoying removal of a useful feature.

Is anyone else finding this too?

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To be honest I can’t remember very well.

What I know is that there are 4 different type of behaviours depending on where the condition is set. Workflow condition, conditional tab, property editor and advanced filters.

It would be great to have the same behaviour in all of them. And if possible that the behaviour implies less rework as possible.

It was noted by @josh that doing this trick (copying an expression and pasting it to a place that would NOT let you construct that same expression) is unsupported behavior and subject to breakage.

I had mused about this here:

And Josh explains why this is a no-no here:

I know this isn’t helpful to you now, @antony , but wanted to point this out to other intermediate to advanced Bubblers as a warning.

I think he is referring to the fact that if you have Expr1 and1 Expr2 and2 Expr3 and3 …ExprN if you change and1 to or1 it Bubble will delete Expr2…ExprN from the condition builder. Making it a pain in the ass having to build again the whole condition.

Or at least that is what I understood.

We fixed this. Thanks for flagging this.


It’s a pleasure @emmanuel… thanks for the quick fix! :slight_smile:


@emmanuel… while on the subject of losing an important editing feature…

For about 6 months now it has not been possible to copy and paste an expression which is of type text, which at times is very inconvenient.

For example, right now I am having to re-create an entry which assigns a text field followed by six search and replaces, each of which I’m re-entering manually.

Is there any chance of a quick fix to this?


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