Changing appearance of elements like color

Hello everyone,

This is something that I know is extremely simple, however, e.g. how do you change the color of a button? I remember seeing a certain type of dropdown that allowed you to perform other functions like alignment.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @leon-marc

You can archive this in two ways,

On your button properties, you can remove the default style to add your own button styles. note this style will only apply to once a particular button.

choose the blank option to do style your button.

You can also edit a style and save it to use again in your app.



To go along with @mxolisipn`s great post.
You can also conditionally change the appearance of the button.
Click it and click conditional at the top.
For example, make it a different colour if the current user is logged in or has not added certain data (below the location) yet.
Or if a state is on or off. (States store data on your page so you can easily change them or refer to them on bubble to act as a switch).

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