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Changing colour of separate HTML tags

I have been trying to create separate tags using options sets from this very helpful video from the build camp.

I have 2 option sets. Vehicle & Skills and I would like these to show different colours.

This is what I looks like in the builder:

and this is the result when previewing live:


I really don’t understand why the colours are not differentiated. Can anyone help me with this please?


You can’t use the same class for each one. Make the one in the left image have a class of expertise and then give the one on the right a class of vehicle and in each style tag reassign to the correct class name. The way you have it now with both using ‘tag’ as the class name, whichever element is being processed second is overwriting the first because they have the same class names.

Excellent, that worked!

Thankyou so much for a speedy reply, hope Santa brings you everything you wanted this Christmas! :santa:

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