Changing data field from single entry to list of entries

I need to change a data field I have from being a single entry now to a list of entries.

What’s the best way of changing the live data for this please?

A backend looped workflow running overnight? or is there a simpler way :crossed_fingers:

How many things are you talking about?

If it’s more than 50k or so, then you probably will have to use a recursive workflow… but it will be very slow and costly (recursive workflows are the slowest and most WU expensive way to to bulk operation on data… by a long way).

Otherwise, the quickest, simplest, and least WU costly way is to run a Bulk operation on the list of things, directly from the editor tab of your app. Just set up a backend workflow with a parameter of the type of thing in question, with a single action to change the thing, and run it from the Data tab.