Changing data in different data types with the same name

Well hello there!

I am currently working on my app which is basically a display of products. Now to my problem.
So I set up a search which pulls data out of a Data Type called ‘General Names’. So basically a data base just with product names. If you now click on the product name you searched for it’ll redirect you to a result page. In the process the general name is transfered as a query to a repeating group there. The RG now displays all sellers with the desired product out of a Data Type called ‘Products’. So far so good, I hope you guys are still with me.

Now to my problem. I want to set up a voting system. I managed to implement a system where the user can vote for the product on the result page and it updates different entries in the ‘Product’ Data Type and calculates a percentage and displays it for every seller of the product. The second part of the system is, that i want a total percentage for the General Product.

So basically this is what i want in the end:

General Name; football, found percentage average 71,7%

→ football , seller 1 , found percentage 80%
→ football, seller 2, found perecentage 60%
→ football, seller 3, found percentage 75%

The problem is, I can’t figure out a way to save the votes to the General Name. I can create a new entry into general names data type but thats a new entry and not under the name of the product.

So basically i want to collect all votes of the specific product under the general name. I hope you guys understand my problem and someone is able to figure it out.

Thanks in advance and have nice day.



maybe if you add a datafiled to the data type “general name” that is a list of numbers (keep in mind the list of feature only goes up to 10,000 so if you expect more reviews than that this suggestion won’t work)…when a new review comes in, add the number value to this list…then you can simply use math operators to calculate the percentage.

Alternatively, create a data type called ‘review score’ and have a related field on it for both the ‘general name’ and ‘product’…then you can keep track of both in one place.

Hey boston, thanks for your reply.

I kinda tried that. Not with a list of things but with normal data field. My problem is, I can’t change the data field in “general name”, since the repeating group only has “current cells products’ name” or what ever value i want to change as an option. I can’t figure out how to change the data entry in general name no matter where the product is bought.

I’m missing a way to basically save any entry that is made in the products tree with the same name under the general one. I hope I could elaborate^^