Changing database entries

I am trying to set up my app to change/update a data field. Currently I have data types of student and intervention. A student has a current intervention field, and a list of all their interventions. I can successfully create a student and set the current invention field and add that one to the list of interventions.

I run into an issue when I want to change the current intervention. Any workflow that I have attempted doesn’t let me choose the new intervention. I’ve tried to set it up to “edit a thing” and select the new intervention from a dropdown, but the dropdown is an incompatible type.

Not sure where the error is in the process. Any help or input would be appreciated.

What is the type of intervention within your student type? My guess is this is text and not intervention.

The interventions type has program name fields and those are text
The student has a current intervention and that is linked to intervention, and the list is linked as well (at least i think it is)

Here are the images from the database.

That all looks solid. Can you please share screenshots of the dropdown element source.

Ok. Feel better that the database looks right
This is the drop down i am using right now

I went with an option because i couldn’t get the other method to display the dropdown correctly

(This is not how i have it but i tried)

I think I know what the problem is, but before I declare victory, can you share the data structure for intervention_2? I thought you had done that in your initial response, but you had shared the student screenshot twice.

Intervention data structure

Ok, yes, I see what’s going on. But (and sorry for dragging this out), 1 more request so I can provide best possible answer.

Please share some data entries from the interventions data type and the option set.

Option Set

Inntervention Data

Student Data

Is it possible because the option sets are text type and they need to be intervention program names?

Ok… Your data structure isn’t correct. I believe your option set, currently called “Interventions” should in fact be called “programs” or “programTypes”. Then within the Intervention data type, you should make the program thing be of type “programs” and that will be linked to the program option set.

And as I think through the practical workflow, you won’t be changing the existing intervention when the student gets a new program… I believe you will be adding a new one. But either way, once you make these changes, you will have access to the dropdown “programs”.

Let me know if this makes sense, or if you have further questions.

Thanks, i will give it a try. As to the second part of it, the idea is to change between the intervention programs that are already there. So go from the first item to the second or third item. The intervention programs are exhaustive.

When i make the option set, should i call it the same Program_name_2 or is there a way to link it to the program names? There is a program name in the intervention already. How would i link that to an option set?


The program name in the intervention has to be made to be the option set. That is how you will be able to link the drop down.

That did it. Awesome. Thank you so much. You have no idea how long i stared at that and went in circles.

Fantastic! So glad to hear.