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πŸ”„ Changing device orientation messes up my app, wont go back or resize

Has anyone else experienced this? The whole project is responsive, so don’t know why it wont go back to its original screen width when rotated back. (Shown is Chrome for iOS)

I would suggest doing a bug report. This is something I hope Bubble will fix since it does the same thing on mine too. It didn’t used to work like this.

I think it changed when they did an update.

In the past when opening a video on mobile in vertical orientation the video would restart when the device orientation changed to horizontal orientation. So, when fixing that issue, I think they caused the issue you are currently seeing.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Thanks for the suggestion! Just sent a bug report. I’m sure this is more common that people think. It went unnoticed for me until a user reported it.

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This is happening with all websites on my iPhone. It’s been going on for a week or so. I use chrome for iOS on my iPhone 11.

Anyone else having the issue?

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Has been a long term issue, you can detect the width of the page parent and use css tools to set the width as viewport width if page parent > viewport width.

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Thanks for sharing this! Could you share your WF or conditionals on how to achieve this?

I see CSS Tools has Avail. Width. However, I’ve never encountered a way to dynamically change the width of something in Bubble.