Changing dropdown values across popup modules

So im trying to create a workflow for when one dropdown value in a popup is changed, it changes both the label of the main dashboard dropdown label as well as the dropdown label for all other popups in teh dashboard. For some reason i’m just stuck in a maze of conditionals, which is very messy. Unfortunately i haven’t found any way to change the values of dropdowns in the workflow, only buttons. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Use the “set state” function to create a single variable on an item (i always add it to a group so that I can easily find it, but this is personal preference) that you can use in various settings. Then only change the value of this variable and it will populate across your functions / dropdowns.

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I think my issue is that a custom state isn’t associated with the dropdown, and i’m unsure as to how to associate with it as such. I can ‘create’ a custom state, but Im not really sure it’s working. More or less I make up a name for the state–say, ‘dropdown_date’ then the value as ‘month’ (for which there is an associated ‘month’ value in said dropdown. But in going through the workflow the dropdown value is never changed.

In order for it to change, it needs to be set to dynamic and not static.