Changing Field Value through Button


I am a very new beginner so please be patient with me :slightly_smiling_face:,

I am creating a game where you can buy and sell “stocks” of football players, there is limited stock of every player, so under my “Players” Data type, I have a field called “Available Stock” which is the number of stocks available for every player, and when someone presses the button to purchase a stock, I want to change the value of a specific player’s “Available Stock” to [“Available Stock” - 1], I will choose the specific player I want by adding a constraint and filtering the name of the player which I know how to do, BUT the problem I am facing is that when I go to the workflow of the button and click on “change a thing”, I can’t figure out how to change a specific player’s “Available Stock” field value.

Please try to help me and explain a solution for me in the simplest way possible, Thank You!

Make sure the field where you want to substract is a number field
Call you number and then … subtract! … :+1:

Thank you so much, It turnee out I was trying to “change a thing” but actually I should have tried to “change a list of things” because I want to change one value only, Thank you!

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