Changing map markers colour over time

Hi all,

I have a question…Is there a way that you can automatically change the colour of a map marker over time?

Each map marker represents an event, I want to attach a timing process/workflow so that when it is uploaded it is green, after 1 week it is amber(orange) and after 12 days it turns red…

Not sure if this is possible so I’d welcome any thoughts.

Thanks in advance!


Hi @talmapcoding,

The Google Map markers are just PNG images, and the map element allows you to set a “data-dependent” custom image. Basically, an image field in the marker’s data type can be used as the marker’s icon.

Since you have just 3 discrete colors, you’d create 3 different images. Then, if you could come up with a way to change the image in the database based on the date, you’d be good to go.

I’ve not done anything like that, but perhaps someone else has. It’s the “swapping of images based on date” that would need to be worked out.

Perhaps one way to go about it would be scheduling workflows. The default icon for all new events would be green. When the event is created, schedule a workflow 7 days hence to update the icon to amber. At the time the icon is updated to amber, schedule another workflow to update it to red 12 days form that date.

Store the 3 “status” icons in a “global” thing (call it “Global” or “Website” or whatever makes sense). The workflows would simply update the event’s icon to one of the 3 status icons.

I think you need to be on a paid plan to schedule workflows with a certain frequency. You’ll have to check your plan.

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