Changing Multiselect Dropdown Value


I’m using Bubble Multiselect Dropdown to let my Users filter content by tags.

Let’s say that i have list of articles and each of articles have up to 5 tags.

User via Multiselect Dropdown can choose tags to filter articles list, so for example he choose “books” and “politics” and he see articles containing that tags. I achieved it and its working well.

However, I would love to let my User click on some article tag and workflow will add this tag to Multiselect Dropdown Value.

So for example:

  1. User choosed tags “books” and “politics” via Multiselect Dropdown.
  2. User see articles containing tags “books”, “politics”.
  3. User see some article with tags “books”, “politics” and “Russia”.
  4. User clicks “Russia”.
  5. “Russia” has been added to Multiselect Dropdown Value so his tags right now are “books”, “politics”, “Russia”.

Can you help me with that?

Put the tags into the URL as a parameter. Use that as the filter. When new tag is clicked, add it to the list in the URL parameter

Thank you @boston85719. Can it be done without storing those choices anywhere? I don’t want it to put it to database, i want it to reset when user leaves / reset page.

Yes, follow the details in the first link where I explain how to use the URL parameters, as it doesn’t store it in the DB.

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