Changing Mutiple Workflows

Is there any way to change multiple workflows at once? I have about 30 that have multiple steps that have values that need changed. Am I stuck having to change one at a time?
Thank you!

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Depending on how you wrote these workflows (or use values within) you may have to update each one of these one by one. It’s situations like these where it can be very time saving to have the right workflow setup. For example, one way to avoid this situation in the future is to create custom events that have your repeated logic. That way, if you have 30 different workflows that have to some same task at some point, you can trigger this custom event from an action within your 30 workflows instead (and update only the one event when needed).



In terms of reducing the frequency in which you have to specify a complex dynamic variable across 30 workflows, one thing I like to do is instead set the output of said complex dynamic variable to a state on my page (or an expression from the toolbox plugin) and then just reference that result. That way, if I ever have to update the dynamic variable, I only have to do it once instead of 30 times.

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