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Changing options displayed in a seachbox input (dynamic data)

I am struggling to figure out how to make an option in my data not clickable or disappear once a user clicks it.

  1. In my app, users will search for a service they need help with
  2. Once they click that service, it gets saved under user data - services selected - list of texts
  3. if the user decides to search for another service, I want to make sure that the same service they clicked previously CANNOT be clicked again

Hi there, @kryptoluna1234… if I understand your post correctly, what you described should be doable by adding a constraint to your searchbox’s list of services, and the constraint would specify that a service’s name (or whatever you are calling the text field) isn’t in the user’s list of selected services. Have you tried adding such a constraint? Can you share some screenshots of your setup?


Well I overstressed myself to the point I did not see the basic answer! Thank you @mikeloc

Problem Solved

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