Changing Page Domain and Sub Domains

I’ve just taken my my app live today! So pumped to finally get it up and running.

However, the main page I want people to start from was labeled as ‘home’ and the admin side was labeled as ‘index’ so when I set up the URL, was directed at ‘index’ and was directed at ‘home’. Not sure if I explained that very well but what I really need is for to point to ‘home’. How do I change which domains and sub domains point to the page I want them pointed to?

Do you own

You can right click on the page, and set the page as a new Index. Then you’ll need to rename your ‘home’ page. This isn’t on the domain side, as your Index will always be your web protocol standard and direct to that first.

No that was an example.

Ah. Got it. Thanks!

I see, if you did own it I would have said scr*w the app and just sell the domain :smiley:


No kidding.

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