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I have created a reusable element which is a simple dropdown select list and the placeholder is hardcoded to “Select Builder” the page I am calling the reusable element from has a Data Type / Model binding set and when a builder property is set I want to pass the name of the builder to the reusable element and change the placeholder message.

I cannot see a way to pass data to a reusable element

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If you set a state inside the reusable element, or use a URL parameter, you can access these between the reusable element and the page that it is on.

Does that help? :man_shrugging: Need an example?

Ok, so inside the reusable element I have created the state “chosen_builder” how do I set the value of the “chosen_builder” state from within say page “One” that has the reusable element inside it?

Choose ‘Set State’ for your workflow step and then the element should be your Reusable Element. Then the state will show up in the dropdown. You can set it on page is loaded if you need to, or when clicking on a button before you see the reusable element on the page. :blush:

Does that help?

How do I access the state though say within the placeholder section on an input?

Inside the reusable element, you can now access that state. Then you can put that as your placeholder. I will try to set up an example for you.

Here you go:

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Awesome! Got it working. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Awesome :clap: Glad that helped. :blush:

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