Changing preset page width options + grids

I can’t seem to find where to change the options for changing the different “preset page width” options. Where would that be?

also is it possible to set a visual grid inside of groups to better lay things out?

Im not sure about setting a visual grid inside groups but you can change the page width by double clicking anywhere outside (whitespace) of your grid which will bring up the options for that page.


but is there any way to change the presets/add new presets that are there so I can apply them to other pages?

I don’t believe there is, you have to do that manually for every page. I usually create a skeleton template page first with the page width of my choice and few groups that act as a container. Then I use the “clone from” feature to create additional pages with the same configurations.


I see. So if you decide to change the page width later on you have to manually change all of them?