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Changing the parent of a reusable element

So I have my cart which is built as a reusable element. I have just noticed that somehow it’s parent element is an element that I don’t want it to be. I know for regular elements, you just drag and drop them into the parent that you want but you can’t do that with RE’s. I also know that I could delete the RE from my page and then add it back but I have a bunch of workflows associated with it which I will lose. I’ve done some googling and have come up with nothing so I doubt there is another way but wanted to see if anyone had any good ideas.

TLDR: how do I change the parent of a reusable element without deleting it and adding it back in?


Have you tried coping the RE with workflows > delete RE and Parent > create new parent element > paste with workflow the original RE into the new parent?

I didn’t know you could do that. I should get myself to read a little bit more.

Thanks for the tip.

One more question. When you say “Parent → create new parent element” are you talking about a specific action that specifically allows you to create a parent element or are you just talking generally i.e. create an element which will be the parent element of the RE?

manually delete the old and create the new

That’s what I thought. Thanks for your help.