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Charge Current User > Make Changes to a Thing

When a user submits a successful charge (via a submit button / Stripe Plugin) can I make a change to a thing immediately following the charge?

At the moment I have it set up as…

When button Submit Payment is clicked > Charge the current user > Make changes to Journey… then set up a constraint as “Status = Search for Journey Status:item #2

(item #2 returns a “Paid - Awaiting Confirmation” value from a data type)

…which doesn’t change the status.

I am simply trying to change the default status value from “Submitted” to “Paid - Awaiting Confirmation” (when charge successful) to separate the different stages my users will go through when making a booking via my app. But I can’t figure out why this setup is not making it happen, as the same method is working elsewhere in the app.

Hope someone can help.



It looks to me that you’ve confused the constraint with updating a data field.

I would use as your last workflow step Make Changes to a Database Table where Status is. Setup the constraint with current user and whatever else you need, then set “Status = Search for Journey Status:item #2” there.

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Ah, Thank you @john3. I should have been making changes to Current Page Journey Details, where the status is / needs to be changed.

That make sense now why it wouldn’t work. Cheers mate. :grinning:

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