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Chargebee drop-in script

Does anybody know why I can’t do a simple drop in script such as the one provided by Chargebee?

I’ve placed the header script in the Page HTML Header property for this page, and can see it is loading in the page source. Script is(modified to appear in this post) >> script src=“” data-cb-site=“tinyoperahouse” >
I then place the code for a basic link into an html element, that should open a popup (not a bubble popup) window, but nothing happens when users click. Code is (also modified): >> a href=“javascript:void(0)” data-cb-type=“checkout” data-cb-plan-id=“alpha-tester-cohort-1” >subscribe

This is a 1 minute copy/paste in a wordpress site that works fine. Is this a limitation of bubble? Is there a better approach? What the heck am I missing here!?

Thanks for the help,


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Bump - the html snippet doesn’t seem to work

@neerja any idea on this? html element that is meant to trigger the checkout popup doesn’t work, I tested exactly the same on Webflow’s html element and it works fine.

Any idea? If I right click the link in the html it goes to this url: about:blank#blocked

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Hi - was this ever fixed? Looking at the same problem now :frowning:


That’s sad :frowning:


Do we have a fix for this now?

I was looking into integrating our Chargebee account as well, but we decided to go in a different direction. Am I right in thinking that Charebee requires an iFrame to work correctly? If that’s the case, perhaps you could try enabling iFrames in the Settings > General section ?

It seems to work if you put the header in the HTML element not in the header part of the page,

So put all the code in a HTML element and check the display as an iframe box and it should work :wink: