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Charging one time payments through Stripe

@emmanuel can you share your practice of charging users for example for sponsoring features?
we want to charge our clients for app building services. Those charges are one time (or can be several if the client continues to work with us). Now the question, what would be the best practice for this

  1. To charge manually through Srtipe dashboard? If yes, then should we ask the client to fill out and sign the credit card authorization form with all the credit card details including CVV ?
  2. To create a page at our web-site where the client would be able to input CC details and the amount and then to make a payment online? How to protect from chargebacks in this case?

Your advise would be appreciated.

Why is option number 2 more susceptible to chargebacks?

it’s not more susceptible but in case the chargeback happens it would be more difficult to prove that the charge was authorized by the cardholder. Also it seems that the user has to sign up before making a purchase online which doesn’t make sens in our case, does it?

Why not just utilize a invoice system like ZipBooks?

we are using Harvest time tracking and invoicing, they also allow payment processing, but they basically let you use your own stripe or paypal account, so there is no extra chargeback protection, is there?

Basically, I think that’s always the risk especially with a digital service. The best protection against chargebacks is trust :sweat_smile:

you are right :slight_smile: but i thought there could be some ways to minimize it - like requesting a CC authorization form…