CHART ELEMENT - dynamic label


Is it possible to change the “label” expression of a chart dynamically?

My database has 3 data types:
name (data type NAME): I used this type for best searching.
freename (type TEXT): here the user can define the name freely.
quantity (type NUMBER).

Each item has or ‘name’ or ‘freename’. So, I want the label to change when ‘name’ is empty.
Is it possible?

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Probably. I have not done it, but my gut says, it is probably possible. Just think a bit about how dynamic data works and how the label is accepting dynamic data and how you want it to change based on some conditions. Should be able to get there.

Yes I looked for what can I do, but didn’t find anything.

In the conditional ‘view’ there isn’t an option for something like “when label value is empty… change label value to …”.


If you’re absolutely certain that there’s no scenario in the world where your DB would pull out a Name AND a Freename (from what I understood users can only input one or the other), then configure your elements appearance to Name:append:freename. It will show one or the other. Probably not the most puritan way to go about it but I remember having done something like that some time ago and it worked just fine.