Chart Element with data within the same record

Hi Bubblers,

Wondering if someone can help me with the Chart Element plugin.

We are building an app that offers fund investments and one of the features is for our users to review a fund’s investment breakdown (ie what type of stock it invests and their weighting).

I’ve created a Data Type called Allocation and for each record, I have a data field for each of the top ten investments of the fund and its weight:

topTenName01, topTenName02, topTenName03, etc
topTenWeight01, topTenWeight02, topTenWeight03, etc

When I try to present this in a pie chart using the Chart Element, but it seems Chart Element using different records, and not different data in the same record.

Here’s a video screenshot showing what I mean:

Would be great if someone can share some advice on how to get this to work…

FundKernel Development