Chart help - grouping a field with multiple entries

I have a table “log” with a column “tags”. The “tags” column can have multiple entries from an option set. A user could have many rows in the “log” table.

I would like to make a bar chart showing for each user, the count of each tag across all of their logs, but I’m having some difficulty. Any help would be appreciated!

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Hello @akam ,

Could you provide further clarification to assist me in offering better advice?

Specifically, are you seeking the frequency distribution of tags? This entails representing the tags’ names on the x-axis and their respective frequencies on the y-axis.

Additionally, do you have a legend available?

Lastly, I’d like to inquire if you have any filtering capabilities in place.

@NoCodeDataArtisan Yes, the distribution of tags. So each bar = a tag option, the height is the count of that tag.
As far as legend, I don’t think I’ll include one with the chart.
No filtering, a privacy rule takes care of showing only the log rows that belong to the current user.

Considering these challenges and limitations, we have created a plugin for charts that has the ability to calculate the frequency itself and create a histogram for you.


You can use search for logs: each item's tag's Display to get list of all tags.

You can see an example here:
Plotly Charts | No Code Data Visualization (

If you wish, we can give it to you for a trial period to make sure it works. Of course, the possibilities of this plugin are many and will meet all your needs.

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