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Chart Plugin: chart.js 2.0

Regarding the chart plugin, a new release of chart.js came out about two months ago (more info: GitHub, official site).

@emmanuel I’m wondering if it is possible to bring some of the functionality of the new release to the plugin (ie. allow for other chart types (ie. polar area chart), support for multiple X and Y axes? If not, do you have a recommended tool/method for rendering charts through another application and then embedding it?


You can use Plotly to create the chart.

Then embed the code in Bubble’s HTML element.


We’ll upgrade our plugin with the v2 at some point. Till then, embedding is the way to go.


How does one embed?

@emmanuel - thanks, much appreciated!

@dgovender - thanks for the recommendation of Plotly. Playing around with it and it’s pretty powerful. Within Bubble apps, have you used the API for real time or just uploaded static data? If yes, let me know if you’d be open to answering a few quick questions and I’ll send you a message.

When in the Bubble editor, select HTML under Visual Elements. Check the box for “Display as an iFrame”


There is also an option to embed as HTML. A simple example:

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I’ve primarily worked with Plotly in WordPress.

Those applications used static data but the user could interact with the plots.

All you need is the HTML code from Plotly. I haven’t worked with the API, so I probably won’t be able to you there.


Thanks. If you do end up giving it a try, let me know.


Could you give us any update about updating the charts plugin? We really need that.

Thanks a lot.

Hello @dan1 have you used plotly with realtime data from Bubble and user based restricted? I mean the user can only see his data not others.

Thanks a lot for your help in advance.

We don’t have a timeline on this. If you really need that, we can talk about sponsoring it. Reach out by email if you want to talk about it (and tell us what you need exactly).

I have not, but I still have general interest in the topic. (My focus has been on other parts of building my app since then).

Hello guys,

So I requested a quote to Emmanuel and integrating the subtotals of the chart.js 2.0 will be $1.000 but they cannot start till November 1st with this integration. I have to think about it but it would be nice if there is someone interested too so we can split the cost of this integration.

What do you think?

Thanks a lot for listening guys and have a nice day.


I would recommend wait for November to talk about this since we can’t commit yet on what we’ll add exactly.

Ah, ok.

So let´s wait till November to talk about it.

Thanks a lot @emmanuel

I’d be interested to know exactly which parts of charts.js is being proposed? Or is it the entire functionality? Not sure what you are referring to with the ‘subtotals’.

Thanks for working on getting a quote and glad to see this potentially moving forward!


Thanks for looking into it, @ryanck. Second to @mlinton’s points. I’m interested in hearing more when the time comes.

To be clear also, we’re not talking about chart.js 2.0, we’re talking about being able to show more complex data.

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Ok, thats mostly what I’m looking for too but would be good to know the details. Does this in include multi-series charts?

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