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Chart Plugin: chart.js 2.0

We’ll be able to talk about this in November…


Thank you! I will echo the need for more functionality of data visualization. This will make Bubble even more transformational in my humble opinion. Enthusiastically, z

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So about those charts;) it is November and I have been very patiently waiting

Me too. Any news about this?


Yes please.

We’re very much working on the plugin system and scalability/reliability these days, and are working on new elements/actions/APIs on a sponsored basis mostly.

Sorry it’s my mistake to mention a month here (but I’m learning, won’t do that again :)).


I also want some more comprehensive charting features.

So now what happens?

Are you going to be able to do it any time soon?


Se as I explained, we’re moving on 2 major projects currently, but have kept some bandwidth for urgent requests, which we do on a sponsored basis (we just added an audio recorder like this). We are aware that our users may face urgent needs and we do our best to accommodate them.

In general, regarding this feature as a natural development, I can’t commit on a timeline yet. Especially since “chart.js 2.0” isn’t very precise. I believe what users want to see is a way to group data (and calculate sums, etc) and has nothing to do with using the version 2.0 of an open source plugin. But i may be wrong.

To Emmanuels last point, I think it would benefit all of us interested in this enhancement to be more concise on what we are looking for. I am happy to help define some user stories that I’m interested in and/or give input on what others are looking for too. If someone already has a start on this, could they share it? Or is there a good shared doc we could use?

Emmanuel you´re right. What I want is to have the ability to group data and all that stuff.

But I need to know when you´ll be able to start with this.

Thanks a lot.

Please see my last post: In general, regarding this feature as a natural development, we can’t commit on a timeline yet.

If you’re willing to talk about sponsoring it because you need it urgently please reach out.

Ok, I understand.


Audio recorder…hmmm that sounds cool. Where can I find this?

I need this chart grouping feature also. Let’s get more folks in to sponsor it. What would we need to go forward?

Hi there,

So as @emmanuel said, they´re not able to do it right now. Then we´ll have to wait till they can program this feature.

In the meantime, what do you think if we make a list of those who are insterested in the grouping feature of the chart.js plugin so they can see how many of us are interested?

I´ll start adding myself in the next reply. Copy the list and add yourself to the list and post it so we can see everyone that´s interested.


People interested (copy and add yourself to the list):

People interested (copy and add yourself to the list):


People interested (copy and add yourself to the list):