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Chart Plugin: chart.js 2.0



Hi all - just thought I would add a comment here to say that I am currently working on a Bubble plugin that will bring in amCharts as an element (click that link to find out more about amCharts - I personally think they’re great). Should be available in a week or so… initially this will be connectable to Google Sheets data - and as a v2.0 I will connect to internal Bubble data. This v1 (Sheets only) does bring some advantages however, and it is very easy to pass data from Bubble into Google Sheets using BlockSpring, API’s like Sheetsu or Zapier.


@edwardbutcher were you able to launch this? Curious about your progress and interested in this feature!

Hey @jordan.shotwell - have just been working on it this afternoon… it’s definitely taken longer than I expected! But the Pie Chart element is now finished and I’m working on the Line / Column element now… what type of chart are you looking to build?

Probably mostly line, but I’m sure I’d find a use for all of them. So are they currently populated only from Google Sheets, and the data would have to be sent to Google Sheets via Zapier or something?

I have got it working for Bubble data too so, although Google Sheets is an option, it’s now not the only one.
Perhaps you can help me test once the line chart is ready? Have only been using my own data so far

Yeah, for sure! That’s super helpful. How long do you think until you release it?

Also, were you able to incorporate AM Charts’ animation features and setTimeout for automatic updates to the charts in real time?

hi Edward, I opened plotly for the first time a few moments ago, and I’m unsure of how you were able to connect plotly with Bubble data.

Could you explain it to me?

hi @ack5595

I’m a newcomer to Plotly - it’s not something that I have tried or integrated with Bubble I am afraid. Could well be possible though - likely that it would.

What I have done via my chart plugin is connect it to Google Sheets data without another API service.

@jordan.shotwell just seen your questions. Yes the animation is working fine… have not played with setTimeout - will take a look down the line. Don’t anticipate it being a problem - the full amCharts functionality seems to be available.


Hi @edwardbutcher,

thanks for getting back to me so quick! I’ve created a sample graph in plotly and tried embedding in bubble and it just slowed down significantly.

Just to confirm I’m doing it right, are you exporting HTML files of your graphs from plotly and embedding the code into an HTML embed?


No worries @ack5595 - I’m on Bubble time right now :slight_smile:

We are doing quite different things so I might not be too much help. To be clear, I am not using Plotly, nor am I embedding HTML. Most of the chatter on this thread is about building a native Bubble Plugin that uses a JavaScript charts library like charts.js and amCharts. So they are quite different things.

I did however start out embedding HTML embed code from PowerBI (similar tool to Plotly, I think) before I set out to build a Plugin. Like you, I found the load times to be slow and I was not able to take advantage of any of the Bubble architecture / app data because HTML elements are completely standalone when Bubble compiles each page.

Depends what you are trying to build, but you might want to wait for some more chart plugins to arrive (mine will be available soon, perhaps there are others) and try and rebuild your Plotly dashboards from scratch using native elements. To test your concept you could always use Google Sheets as a back end for the data.

My apologies @edwardbutcher, seems I’ve misunderstood!

It’s awesome you’re building a plugin! Unfortunately, this is for my senior capstone project and the deadline is this Monday, so unless you’re releasing in the next couple of days… :frowning:

I’ll keep exploring different options. Basically I want to be able to access data from Bubble, or store it elsewhere to keep all data in sync. I’ve stuck with Bubble DB because I haven’t found a way to store my data elsewhere where Bubble can reach it.

If you have any suggestions/wisdom you’d be willing to share, I’m all ears!



Hello guys,

It seems this chart grouping thing is going to take a while. So in the meantime, does anyone know how to make a chart that you can group totals by month for example?

Here is the thing I want to show to my users a bar chart where they can see how much they´ve invoiced by month.

Thanks a lot.

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It seems many people are interested in a more comprehensive chart plugin.

Any news regarding this?


I know they´re working on it but don´t have news :sweat:

I’d love to see a multi-line chart using Bubble data. It’s quite important for my app, in fact. The chart plugin has a portion marked “series one” which would seem to imply a multi-series capability … but i don’t see any way to do it.


I would love to have a chart.js 2.0, count me in.

What’s your use case, Moses? To hack it together can you overlay two charts to display at the same time with uniform axis values and a transparent background? If not you can leverage one of the java script solutions that are out there from 3rd parties.

Hey there,

Did anyone have any success trying to create a bar chart that shows monthly income for example? I´m trying to do but as there is no chart grouping yet I cannot figure out a workaround.

Thanks a lot guys.

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