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Chart Plugin: chart.js 2.0

This doesn’t seem to work?

I need to display a data series along with a moving average of that series as a line, along with vertical lines from the data points to the moving average line … essentially, the variance of the daily data from the line.

I’ve had success with HighCharts, including intelligently grouping data by date/month, etc. There’s a learning curve to set things up, but using the HTML element and List Expression from the Toolkit (to pull in your data as a list) you can hack together most use cases from what I’ve seen.

There is an example called HighCharts on one of the forum apps:

Do you have a link to an editable app so I can see how this was done?

Here you go.

FYI, for forum app examples you just reverse engineer the appname and page from your own editor to come up with the url

Thanks very much!

Any idea how to access app data for chart purposes?

Check out the ListExpression tool within the ToolBox plugin. This will allow you to format your data appropriately.

Hi there,

This app is set to private since it returns my apps.

Is there something wrong?

Thanks a lot man.

Try copy pasting the link instead:

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Hey @edwardbutcher, any luck in releasing your plugin? Looking forward to it!

if bubble is too busy and are willing to allow me to build the plugin as a sponsored public plugin i would be happy to build it.

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Actually, If you scan the forum and try to find what is the most wanted and anticipated feature you will find that is the Chart 2.0 or in another word a much improved chart plugin that can do more complex charts.

@jarrad I’m with you on this and I’m sure many other bubblers are, if sponsoring this will help make it happen, then I’m ready to help sponsoring this as well.

as long as im not stepping on bubbles toes by doing it then i will make it happen. @emmanuel

@jarrad i don’t think you will be stepping on bubbles toes. the only thing is to find out whether they’re not already in the process of building it. u don’t want to spend some time building it only to see an announcement that bubble has released chart 2.0 plugin.
i thought about doing it myself and started some initial reading but got distracted with other small plugins so i abandoned it.

I am also happy to support/sponsor an enhanced chart plugin. I am looking for chart improvements such as more control on pie charts showing a legend. With easy labels to identify each color). It appears available in chart.js 2.0.

Hello there,

@emmanuel said that they´re working on an improved chart grouping although I don´t really know when it will be released.

I´m with you @jarrad we really need to get this sorted soon since we were supposed to have early this year and nothing yet.

Maybe the Bubble team can update us about it or give us a timeline.

Have a nice day guys.

Well im not sure what to do, I am ready but not even a response from bubble could end up meaning a huge loss of time if they release something while im building. is anyone willing to commit to sponsor if we do this as a sponsor only plugin? Im proposing all sponsors would get their own version including the plugin code as a base with all standard features BUT as sponsors once you have your base if you need extra tricky features i will quote each one and add them to your version. this way original sponsors have a fair costing and only the ones that require additional features built will have additional costs.

** Sponsors with GitHub accounts will have the option to fork their own version from a private repo in my developers account for easy updates and upgrade.

** I will be supporting the plugin version’s as i do with all my plugins, if you have issues, requests or self built extra’s I will be your main source of support.

** I will track changes from charts.js and update as required

If you would like to go with this model please message me and i will add each potential sponsor to the conversion as they come so we can come to an agreement.

Hi there @jarrad as @emmanuel told us we´re supposed to have an update on this since he told us they were working on it.

Don´t know when but they always deliver. It would be awesome if the Bubble team can update us on this. :slightly_smiling_face:

I figured that this option might appeal to some still as having a way of getting more/different features that they require cheaper & faster than bubble will provide them for (understandable for a single plugin / wide compatibility / higher operational costs, not a discredit to bubble).