Chart tools multiple series problem

Hi @exception-rambler ,Hello everyone, I am using the paid plugin of chart tools to create a new chart that contains multiple series. so I find some problem in manipulation and extract data from the database to draw an important chart in my project.
so if anyone who works in this plugin can give us some helps to find a solution to build this chart with chart tools.
pictures down below contain all needed information. thanks

I think your problem is that you’re not sure how to do this?

You can do most of this, although your main limitation is that there is a maximum of four series. And it looks as though you have six?

As you want to separate out one data object in your database into multiple series then you will need to apply a constraint in your Search. I have created an example for you here to show you the approach I would take:

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Thank you so much @exception-rambler for this solution i think that’s really what i need. but in my case , i need to use a six series or more so if there is a way to build it with chart tools or another chart plugin.
thank you so much

Chart Tools also includes an amChart bar/line element and you can create 8 series.
The only drawback is that it shows an amCharts watermark / tag in the top left corner.
But give it a go and see.

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Thank you @ edwardbutcher fo this suggestion . i start using amcharts Bar/Line but is it possible if you can make a simple example of one chart because it didn’t show me the date value in the bottom axe while it show instead the value of "overall or each group " . thanks

this is some picture of about the issue


I have added an example beneath the previous…
Take a look here.

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Thank you so much . you help me to resolve this complicated chart because i’m new in bubble platform so if it possible for you of course if i had some complicated chart can ask you to pave to me the way of resolve it ? thank you another time @ edwardbutcher

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Of course, anytime.
Good luck with rest of project

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Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Hello @exception-rambler there’s any solution to delete the amCharts watermark/tag from the chart . for example to pay or something like that because it’s mandatory to show chart without it because i buy the chart tools plugin for it.