Charts / Graphs: How to display value expression in millions

Hi all,

Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere, but I have a doozy and can’t seem to find the response. So… I’m looking to display data on a graph or a chart.

For an analogy, let’s say I have 1,000 people that opened enormous bank accounts.

Each person opened their bank account on different days scattered throughout the last six months.

I would like to display a horizontal axis, grouped by month intervals and a vertical axis displaying the average bank account size of the users within each month.

Thus, the chart in total would be displaying average bank account size opened, in each given month displaying over the past six months and THEN, have the vertical axis show its value in millions (150 instead of 150,000,000.00 or .25 instead of 250,000 for example)

I’ve managed to get the correct number to display in a simple text saying "Average bank account last month was " but I can’t seem to do a similar operation on the graph.

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