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I’m working on a chat room. I have the Chat working for a global and p2p, however, when you hit Enter/Return, the whole of the screen refreshes, and the default on the Global kicks back in. Tossing you out of the message (it goes through, the refresh just resets the screen).

How can I get it to stick around? The checkbox when checked, the drop-down is hidden. When unchecked it shows, and when I hit enter, it sends the message but then resets the default on global.

Hi there, @justin.guy… if I understand your post correctly, you are trying to get the Global Chat checkbox to stay checked across page refreshes once the user has checked it, correct? If that is the case, you will need to save a value to the database so you can reference that value any time the user accesses the page (including when the user is on the page and a page refresh occurs). So, for example, you could have a yes/no field on the User data type called global chat, and you could set the field to yes when the user checks the box. Then, you could use the Current User's global chat value of yes to drive conditions such as hiding the dropdown.

Hope this helps.


Perfect! I want it to stay UNchecked as Checked is the default, but the solution is the same. Thanks again for your consistent help!

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