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Chatbots Inside Bubble

In case you haven’t heard, have just put their ‘no code’ chatbot into public beta. Given the API, it looks like a great opportunity to take Bubble apps to the next level.

I’ve had a play today… Nothing fancy, just wrapped a bot inside Bubble. Loads of scope I reckon?


Wow, that’s cool.

This looks awesome!

So many toys, so little time. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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has anybody implemented/test this already?

Hi Benjamus, I know its probably dead simple but I’m new to ans I was wondering if you could give me a quick run down of how you implemented your chatbot.


Hi Shane. Very easy (and it isn’t really a ‘bubble’ thing)…

Head over to and create an account. Create your bot, then use the embed code provided from within an HTML element in Bubble.

I posted this here because of the API from - which gives scope for a much deeper chatbot integration into Bubble. That’s the interesting aspect/potential (to me at least).

+1 for

Still looking for a way to be able to have Bubble data (or actually Contentful data) used as options in motion,ai.

Hey benjamenus, thanks for the quick reply. I tried putting my embed code using a html box but it shows up as blank?

my code is:

<link href="" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" </script <script motionAI_Init('10212?color=62a8ea&sendBtn=SEND&inputBox=Type+something...&token=d767b9005006617d040e74951c77b9bf',true,400,470); /* botID with access token, display bot icon?, modal width, modal height /* you may also invoke motionAI_Open(); to manually open the modal </script

am i missing something here?


does it make a difference if its in developement or live mode?

Also, my error reads motionAI_init is not defined?

Quick update: partial success!! got my bot to display on screen by including the tags and clicking on iframe.
Did you do this also?

Im currently trying to get it to display the text immediately instead of me haing to click on the bot icon, any ideas?


Hi @shanewalsh247

I’ve just has a look at my app to see how I did it. It looks like this:

I’m using an HTML element which is 380x250. I have ‘stretch to fit content’ ticked and ‘display as an iframe’ unticked. The code I’ve pasted inside is:


Sugarplums - something is FUBAR!


I’m not sure why I set the heights differently, but it seems to work. Not sure why I added the P tag either. Have a little play with sizes, etc and see how you get on.

yup works perfect, thanks bud

I was playing around with the motionai on bubble.
Thanks to the help here, I was able to successfully embed it in to the bubble app.

But I have a unique issue with button clicks in the chatbot. They work when launching the bubble app on a desktop but not in chrome in mobile.