ChatGPT + Bubble group

I’d love to know how’s this is going. I want to add it ASAP. It would be a core feature to use and communicate with customers.

I am working release a template to generate content using OpenAI. Count me In.

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Highly interested. new to AI.
always wanted a “trainable” Virtual Agent for my Apps.

is GPT3 can be “custom train?” to be a Virtual CX Agent?

Hey @jdeleon1 can you share an updated Slack link? I’m interested and the ones posted here aren’t working.


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Hi there, @jdeleon1. Could you provide an updated link to the Slack channel, would love to provide my input and take part in the conversation. Thanks.

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Hello @jdeleon1 , will you please re-share the link?
Error - This link is no longer active

To join this workspace, you’ll need to ask the person who originally invited you for a new link.

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Updated slack invite link:


Hey! This link is no longer active, can you send a new one?

Hey @jdeleon1 , I’m interested in this and would like to join. However, the link is dead for now. :frowning:

New invite link: or I think you can just go here:

Hi @jdeleon1 I’m new to Bubble and working on AI integration with Bubble. I’d like to be part of the Slack group too. The link from the 7th is no longer active. Thanks.

Same! I’d like to join tho the link is not active :confused:

Link is not active

Here is a new link:

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Hello @jdeleon1 , kindly I am asking for an active link to join the bubble chatGPT workspace in Slack.
My regards

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