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ChatGPT + Bubble group

I’d love to know how’s this is going. I want to add it ASAP. It would be a core feature to use and communicate with customers.

I am working release a template to generate content using OpenAI. Count me In.

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Highly interested. new to AI.
always wanted a “trainable” Virtual Agent for my Apps.

is GPT3 can be “custom train?” to be a Virtual CX Agent?

Hey @jdeleon1 can you share an updated Slack link? I’m interested and the ones posted here aren’t working.


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Hi there, @jdeleon1. Could you provide an updated link to the Slack channel, would love to provide my input and take part in the conversation. Thanks.

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Hello @jdeleon1 , will you please re-share the link?
Error - This link is no longer active

To join this workspace, you’ll need to ask the person who originally invited you for a new link.

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Updated slack invite link: