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ChatGPT idea with friends at bubble!

Looking for other bubblers who would like to work together on a GPT-4 project involving email scraping like the app. Sadly, this is NOT a no-code idea. We will need to scrape with Python, JavaScript, or Ruby. Then, look for libraries or frameworks that support web scraping, data extraction, and data validation. For Python, Beautiful Soup, Scrapy, and requests are all good. I recommend we target site structures built by the generic tools for wix, weebly, Squarespace, and all the other big website applications. We’ll be more likely to find common elements this way. This is all great for setting up the scrape, but we could also use GPT-4 to verify, filter, & sort the leads for us. Essentially, bubble is popular for building “the clone of…” type websites. I’m looking for some people who would like to work together on a clone of