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Chatting within app while linked to event

So I am doing an airbnb type app (its not airbnb).

I have a User data type and I have an event data type. So far so good. The user has a list of events as part of his data type. An instance of data will have a small list of users, and an organizer.

So I would like to set up a messaging system between the two (not sure how to do this)

Later, after either creating the event, or signing up for it, or even after the event, I would like to keep the chat on an event page, and allow it to continue.

How is the chat preserved and linked between attendee, organizer, and event?

If the chat will only ever be relevant underneath an event, then give the event thing a “chat” field of type list.

Make a “chat” thing and give it a “body” field for the text of the comment.

Allow users to create a new “chat” thing when they submit a comment through a text input. Also modify the relevant event’s chat list to add the newly created entry from the chat thing. The list field “chat” under “event” will then be the history of the conversation, each comment in order.

Put a repeating group on the event page and set it to full list. Set it’s data source to the list field of the page’s event thing. Put a text element into the cell and set its data to the body of the cell’s chat.

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is there an example of this somewhere?

I think I see what you are saying, basically a chat thing is a repeating group of text and user. It would be nice if there was a way to present the repeating group as left justified and right justified based on if the user or host is reading it. Plus the chat has to be between the user and the event host, and no other user. I’ll have to see how something like AirBnB handles the host side view of the chats.

One of the things you can change on the conditional tab of the text element’s properties is “text alignment.” So you could set that to left or right based on an expression like “the comment’s creator is current user”.

You can set the chat group itself to only be visible when the current user is the host or user.

comically, I’m trying to replicate exactly what we are doing here.

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