Check a checkbox if a number exists in a list of numbers

HI everyone.

I am trying to leave a checkbox checked if a value in a list of number exists.

For example, I have a a thing called Products in wich has a list of numbers called available_days.

So, let say, if a there is a number=1 this checkbox should be checked.

The query I am trying is as follow:

current page Product's available_days contains 1: THIS CHECKBOX SHOULD BE CHECKED.

But this conditional does not work with checkbox, but with other actions such as change a font color if the condition is true.

What I am doing wrong???

Hi there, @anon19893928… what’s going on is that This checkbox should be checked doesn’t mean what you think it means. That setting means the checkbox is required to be checked when, say, it’s part of a form. In the situation you described, you want to select the Preset status setting, and set the associated dropdown to Checked.

Hope this helps.


YES…It makes sense.

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