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Check box for "create a thing" action

@emmanuel would it be possible to add a check box to “create a thing” action which when checked would not create a record if the data source is empty. For example I want to create a record based on an API call, but if that call returns all empty values then the record wouldn’t be created. This would simplify many workflow scenarios.

That’s a bit tricky, because what is the data source of an action? There are as many data sources as fields. So I’m not sure there is a non ambiguous way to see if the data source is missing?

You are right, Emmanuel
then perhaps next to each field to have that checkbox, so if that particular data source is empty then the whole thing is not created? We would check that check box next to ID field which is usually mandatory, and if it’s empty then it means we don’t need to create the record.
Is it feasible?

That would make the UI quite complex. Why not making the inputs mandatory? That’s what it’s for.

The data source is not an input field but API call. so the only way to do it at the moment is to create workflow with condition to check if the api call returns some value and only then to run the action. But because we have about 10-15 different apis to run we would need to have 1 workflow for each api, whereas with a check box we could have 1 workflow with 10-15 actions inside, knowing that if the data source is empty then the record would not be created. We could of course create the thing any way and then at the end of the sequence delete all empty records in the table, but that would significantly increase the number of workflow runs and go above the current pricing plan that the client is on.

We’ll put that on the list, but no easy fix there. And no timeline.

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I see, Emmanuel, thanks!