Check box issue - not showing on preview page (now RG is also not showing)


This is a Bug (i think) for the ionic checkbox. I have the checkboxes in a RG and could see them in the preview view yesterday. I have logged in to work on the app today and it is not showing

View in Design mode

View in preview mode

To resolve i have:

Checked the the check box is in the RG - pass
Restart browser - pass
element is shown on the page is ticked - pass

Can someone help me with what is going on

Hi All,

I decided to take a copy of this page to use a different check box function in the RG - until this bug is resolved but now the RG is now showing either??

Design view:


The red cirle is where a RG should be showing according to the designer. There are two RG that should be showing on this page and now for some reason they are not? do you know what is going on?

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