Check if a thing exists before creating one


Is there a good way to do a check-up if a thing exists before creating one?
For example if I want to add a new key with a certain UID but for the sake of security its uniqueness in the system must be verified. (If you have two keys with similar UID’s in the system and assigned to different users, you will have bad time…)


Do the check on the workflow would be a way. So two workflows one where it doesnt exist (and so adds) and another where it does.

Probably a better way is to add a condition to the key inout field so if it already exists it errors it.


Aight, doing a workflow check works. Thanks!
Although having the if-else options in the workflow would make it more versatile.


I am thinking that create if does not exist was a good idea as saved two workflows. Sorry for updating a new thread. Apology over…