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Check if phone number exists in database

Hi. On a page ‘help’ in group ‘phn’ I ask users to enter their 8 digit Danish phone number. If the number exists in the database ‘phn’ the user should be directed to group A, if not, the user should be directed to group B on page ‘help’. How do I do that? Here’s a link Demopinio | Bubble Editor

Best, Mads

Looks like you need to enable permissions for us to view the editor. You can do that in settings.

An easy way to do this is to have a button. Set up a workflow in the workflow tab “when this button is clicked” “do a search for” search your database for the number. Then have two actions to show either group a or group b. on those actions you want to fill the “only when” section with “only when result of step x is not empty” and on the other one “only when result of step x is empty” this will show either group depending on if you found the number in the data base

thanks so much, Anthony. You should now be able to edit. I’m new to it, so my question may be trivial. I set up the following workflow: when the ‘next’ button is clicked, the database ‘phn’ is searched for the input phone number’s value. But there’s an issue with it, and I don’t see why.

I found a way

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