Check One Field on User and Output Another Field

I have a webhook action that runs in the background.

It receives a parsed email from Send Grid.

I need the workflow to check the “to” field in the webhook and find a user that has that address in their custom field. Then output the user’s primary user email address.

This should be easy with a ‘do a search for’ command. But it’s not working any way I set it up.

Question 1: Check if sendgrid is really sending the information through the endpoint (You could do something like create a random data element, with no conditionals of course)

Question 2: Check the main conditionals on the endpoint, may be intentionally cancelling the workflows.

Question 3: It really repeats the first question, do a simple - Create a new thing > fill any text input with the “Request data’s body to” > Ping the webhook with sendgrid in any way.

Plus content: Don’t get frustrated, just keep troubleshooting and you’ll get it right.

This is good problem solving. So I setup the workflow to catch the hook then send to a fixed email address with the ‘body to’ in the subject.

I then checked SendGrid activity and it’s showing the ‘body to’ in the subject of the sent email.

So it’s catching it. I think I’ve got the workflow setup wrong to match a users custom field and then output another field.

Is this the way this is supposed to be done? This is all within the ‘to’ field in Send Email action.

Do a search for - ‘user’
Constraint of ‘Notification Email’ = request data ‘body-to’
: first item
's email

(‘Notification Email’ is the custom field on a single user’s account)
(Also, notification email matches the ‘body-to’ from the webhook (that’s been verified from above)

You’re finding a solution by yourself, consider sending your configuration in api connector so there’s a wider range of solutions.